This is Joey Jane Fredericks, the manager. Since I came up with the idea of this reunion tour, I think I should be the one to do the band bio.

Blood Orphans formed in 2002 in Los Angeles, because I realized, along with Darlo, that music needed a band that didn’t turn up its indie-rock nose at a good time. I knew Darlo because he spent a lot of time where I tended bar, at Spaceland, trying to get in my pants. I told him we ought to put together the musical equivalent of a knife fight between Kiss and AC/DC. He acquiesced, no doubt thinking it’d be a ticket to my crotch; it was not. We knew Adam from this awful prog rock band called Angel’s tooth; fucker could play. We found Shane on a bet; could we get that Christian rock nitwit to sell his soul for rock and roll. I don’t remember how we found Bobby; no one ever remembers how we found Bobby. I guess it doesn’t matter.

Anyway, by early 2003 we were involved in a bidding war, and Warner Bros. paid us mass cash to make three albums. The first, Rocket Heart, recorded in the same house in St. Croix where Darlo’s dad made Deep Inside Sandy Lorraine in the late 70s, came out that year, and . . . well, all of this is in the Dimwit’s book, you can read it for your self.

Which brings us to the now. We’ve all spent a few years getting over the whole awful experience. I was even thinking of taking the LSATs. But then the Dimwit writes this book about us, and, as Clay Davis says the best, we thought, Sheeeeeeeut! We should capitalize and get the band back together. So here t’is!